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Director Translational Medicine

Start Date: Immediate
The position in in Modi'in

The Director of Translational Medicine will be viewed as a strong scientific and strategic leader who can work with a fast-paced clinical and product development organization to translate fundamental insights into the molecular heterogeneity of diseases into targeted therapeutic and biomarker hypotheses that can be tested in clinical trials.   

Essential Duties and Job Functions:

  • Advise teams on the most appropriate strategies to address scientific questions (e.g., MoA, biomarkers etc.)  
  • Drive the publication of biomarker and mechanism of action data in top-tier scientific, technical or medical journals. 
  • Integrate the outputs of multiple disciplines into a coherent translational medicine plan 
  • Relate science/mechanisms of action to expected clinical profile in various diseases
  • Select, validate and develop clinical biomarkers to demonstrate proof of mechanism, support dose selection and understand PK/PD relationship.
  • Participate in defining criteria for medical needs and in new target selection for specific projects 
  • Participate in defining TPP and challenging such definition on an ongoing basis
  • Collaborate with and, where appropriate, oversee consultants and third-party service providers supporting the Translational Medicine program.
  • Work with senior leadership to help represent the company as a senior translational/medical spokesperson before appropriate scientific, medical, regulatory, business and other professional meetings.
  • Serve as translational medicine representative to Business Development efforts in the evaluation and implementation of partnerships, joint ventures, and in-/out-licensing opportunities.
  • Define and implement early clinical biomarker strategies.
  • Direct the development, outsourcing and validation of clinically applicable biomarker assays (including pharmacodynamic, predictive, prognostic, safety and other biomarkers)
  • Design, implement and oversee biomarker and diagnostic testing and data analysis.
  • Provide expertise to development project and BD teams to ensure access to state of the art thinking on appropriate biomarker and diagnostic technologies, evaluating their scientific basis and clinical applicability, the validation status and any technical or statistical issues related to the proposed biomarkers and/or companion diagnostics.

Professional skills and basic qualifications:

  • PhD in immunology
  • At least 5 years of experience in the pharma/biotech industry
  • High level of Hebrew and English
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, written and verbal

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