Aharon Schwartz


Dr. Schwartz has served as the Chairman of our Board of Directors since 2004. He served in a number of positions at Teva from 1975 through 2011, the most recent being Vice President, Head of Teva Innovative Ventures from 2008. Dr. Schwartz is currently chairman of the boards of numerous life science companies, including D-Pharm Ltd., BioCancell Ltd., CureTech Ltd., and Biomas Ltd. Dr. Schwartz also serves on the board of directors of Protalix Ltd. and as a consultant to Clal Biotechnology Industries Ltd. Dr. Schwartz received his PhD in organic chemistry from the Weizmann Institute, his MSc in organic chemistry from the Technion and a BSc in chemistry and physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, Dr. Schwartz holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the history and philosophy of science.